Miche Miche



Miche Miche is a fictitious project where I built a graphic identity, website, 3D packaging and print campaign for a farm / restaurant. This project and this name came to my mind thanks to my father who is called Michel and  who is a very good cook (lucky me). Miche Miche is the nickname I give him.

To contextualize the project: Miche Miche is a farm / restaurant located in the Luberon in France. This building has the Provencal architecture and is divided into two parts: the farm and the restaurant. The cuisine at Miche Miche is authentic, family style and adapted to each season and cultivation of the farm. Next to it they produce a cider, made from the apples of the orchard.

The logo was made from his own writing. Regarding the colors, the shades are sparkling (like the cider) and modern in order to energize the identity and modernize the concept of this project.

The slogan of our cider bottle: Miche Miche, the cider we  »liche » is a nod to our French terroir. The expression licher means to consume or drink something with excess and greed.